Early Intervention Providers Who Attended The Following Trainings:

Performing Evaluations In Early Intervention

Feeding Evaluations In Early Intervention

Diagnosed Conditions With A High Probability Of Developmental Delay


“This course was given clearly & was very informative.  I liked that we have tools to fall back on & resources to call on for more information.”
Shaindy Joselit, Special Educator
Williamsburg Infant & Early Childhood Developmental Center

“This has been the most relevant course I have ever taken during my 10 years in EI.  Thank you so much for the wonderful information and printouts.”
Lerna M. Pitaluga, Special Educator
Up Wee Grow, Inc.

“Graduate school gave me the theory, my working years gave me the practice.  Today, this course gave me the tools to work more efficiently and better serve my children and their families.  Thank You!”
Ana Santos, Bilingual Speech-Language Pathologist

“Rebecca Alva tailored this course to the immediate needs of Early Intervention Evaluators.  This information is going to be so helpful when writing and performing evaluators.  Many of the resources provided will help raise the quality of EI evaluations that are performed.”
Karen M. Mackin, Speech-Language Pathologist
Little Meadows Early Childhood Center

“The course was very informative and will help with writing the evaluations.  I feel I have a tool to reference when I am not sure what to write or when I have questions.  Rebecca, I felt you were very patient and you are very knowledgeable.  You answered each question and I felt you genuinely wanted to help us be better evaluators & advocates for ourselves & the children we evaluate.  I loved the room.  It was very comfortable.  I really enjoyed the class.  Thanks for all the wonderful information.”
Erika Weber, Physical Therapist
Sunny Days, Early Start Inc.

“I feel ready to perform an EI Evaluation with confidence because of the ample informative materials provided by the presenter.”
Gertrude Robertson, Occupational Therapist

“The information is very complete.”
Rhonda Kontner, Psychologist/Special Educator

“Very informative and through training.  I feel that I have the tools needed to perform effective evaluations and reports according to Public Health Law and the 2005-02 Memorandum.  I look forward to reading the materials & continuing my education in the EI field.”
Samantha Paez, Social Worker
Bilinguals Inc.

“Clear & to the point.  In general, it was very helpful & taught me some new information as well as reinforced what I already know.  In general, I would recommend this training for all EI Professionals.”
Caroline Ehrenfeld, Evaluation Supervisor/School Psychologist
Yeled v’Yalda

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