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This course has provided me with concrete information (right from EI regulations) to not only improve my evaluation reports but also to defend my recommendations if I was ever questioned by other specialists. Michele Cyran Leser, Physical Therapist                                                                                                        Theracare

Rebecca your delivery of this course was very informative and detailed.  I appreciated your excitement to get this information across to your audience.  I felt very empowered by your seminar to return to and continue to perform evaluations in early intervention.  You clearly defined Informed Clinical opinion.  Thank you.
Claire Ellis Trent, Physical Therapist
Metrotherapy, Inc.

Thank you for your hard work and dedication to get us all on the same page.
Jacqueline Cordero, Physical Therapist
Comprehensive Center

Great Class, I understand & increased my knowledge on rules/regulations, documentation for EI.
Lima Iype, Physical Therapist
Support By Design, Theracare 

Excellent Presenter.  Answered all questions.  Great discussion with other providers.
Heather Curry, Physical Therapist
Cooper Kids Therapy Associates

Great seminar.  Many “aha” moments.  Everything very informative!  Thank you.
Jocelyn Jimenez, Physical Therapist
Little Meadows Early Childhood Center

Extremely informative.  Well prepared instructor.  Relaxed environment.
Monica Raftopoulos, Physical Therapist

What worked: “Going through the Memorandums and the most important part when writing the evaluation”.
Martha Londono, Physical Therapist

I really appreciate the transparency and generosity in which the information regarding the regulations of EI were conveyed.
Jenzpher Finkenberg, Physical Therapist
Los Ninos, First Steps

I’ve begun to use the language in my eval recommendations.  I’ve done about 200 evaluations and since I took the last class I have really been able to make a strong case for kids I think are eligible but score well in the PDMS.
Krishna Finkenberg, Physical Therapist
Up Wee Grow, Inc.

This was a great class that I can tell you put a lot of effort into.  I feel more knowledgeable of the rules and procedures to determine eligibility.  You are very knowledgeable.  Keep up the good work and you will help the Program and the children in it.
Krishna Finkenberg, Physical Therapist
Up Wee Grow, Inc.

Everything!  Information was fantastic.  Will definitely be able to incorporate info into current evals.
Gail Campbell, Physical Therapist
Up Wee Grow, Inc.

Excellent course, wish you could contact all agencies to give this information out to therapists.
Patricia Lopez, Physical Therapist
Up Wee Grow, Inc.

Very informative & helpful.
Amy Heron, Physical Therapist

The course was very informative and will help with writing the evaluations.  I feel I have a tool to reference when I am not sure what to write or when I have questions.  Rebecca, I felt you were very patient and you are very knowledgeable.  You answered each question and I felt you genuinely wanted to help us be better evaluators & advocates for ourselves & the children we evaluate.  I loved the room.  It was very comfortable.  I really enjoyed the class.  Thanks for all the wonderful information.
Erika Weber, Physical Therapist
Sunny Days, Early Start Inc.

Very informative.  This is very important information all EI providers should know from the beginning of their practice to be able to empower themselves and the parents and to be able to be an effective practitioner, not just for evaluations but for ongoing cases as well.
Arlene Cepillo, Physical Therapist

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