Overall I felt this training was beneficial and I learned a great deal of new information.  I will definitely recommend this raining.
Paolo Firense, Psychologist/Head Evaluator
City Pro Group

Hits the critical points on how to execute a responsible evaluation.  Very informative and helpful.  Provides do’s and dont’s.  
Mandy Marantz, Psychologist

Clear & to the point.  In general, it was very helpful & taught me some new information as well as reinforced what I already know.  In general, I would recommend this training for all EI Professionals.
Caroline Ehrenfeld, School Psychologist/Evaluation Supervisor
Yeld V’Yalda

The information is very complete.
Rhonda Kontner, Psychologist/Special Educator

I learned about EI in general being a newcomer to the field.  The materials and the information were plentiful and appropriate.  Highlighted material is a blessing.
Stephen B. Kildare, Psychologist


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