Special Educators/Instructors

“Fantastic!  This workshop was so informative.  Even though I am a SI, I found this workshop useful.  It is useful to learn about the feeding eval & thus write an informed summary.”
Cynthia Paulino, Special Educator
Peadiatric Developmental Services

“Awesome!  This workshop was so much more practical than any other EI workshop I attended.  I feel ready to perform evaluations tomorrow.”
Cynthia Paulino, Special Educator
Peadiatric Developmental Services

“Enjoyed the workshop.  Learned a lot.  Very educational.  I feel confident in accepting a position as an evaluator.  Excellent presenter, very knowledgeable, pleasant.”
Elisa Cueto, Special Educator
New York Center For Infants & Toddlers

Thank you for the training.  It clarified the law, memorandum & how to use clinical opinion.
Lawan Baley, Special Educator
Personal Touch

This workshop was specifically designed to target specific regulations and resources necessary for any early intervention professional to perform evaluations and produce evaluation reports as mandated by the Early Intervention Program.  The information provided as a resource is priceless, clear and to the point.  I have no reservations in recommending this workshop or any of Ms. Alva’s trainings to any of my  colleagues.
Elsie M. Renta, Special Educator
Theracare, Jackson Children Services, Marathon

Ms. Alva was awesome!  I learned so much!  We needed more time!  I will take more trainings with her.
Jackie Garnett, Special Educator

This workshop was very informative and very helpful.  I will use the materials and information to help me in writing my evaluations reports.
Haydee DeJesus, Special Educator
City Pro Group

Excellent informative training.  I learned how to use the memorandum to support my evaluation report.
Jasmine Frisone, Special Educator
Metro Children’s

I will pay more attention to regulations and clinical clues.  Specific answers on all questions.
Yelena Bulgakova, Special Educator
City Pro Group

This workshop topic is very needed and very important.  I needed more specific help regarding how to do reports for 6mo & annual reviews.  I wish we had more focused help in these areas.  But it helped me to start thinking about getting more clear about areas I need help in.
Christine Wheeler, Special Educator
St. Joe’s EIP, Thera North Services, Innovative Interventions, Meaningful Movement

There should be more trainings for providers about writing reports and evaluations; and what the No (dont’s) you ever do this in a report.
Victoria E. Henao, Special Educator
Therapy Associates

Very informative with good handouts & resource info.
Libera Avitabile, Early Childhood Sp. Ed. Teacher
YAI-NYL/ LAMM Preschool

This was and I believe will continue to be a great class.  I have learned so much and will continue to learn.
Betty Lee Golpe, Special Educator
Early Success Inc/Bilinguals/Achieve Beyond

Great Workshop, a wealth of information – Thank You so much!!!
Tricia Kelly, Special Educator
Metro Children’s Services

I feel much more confident in my ability to go out and perform evaluations that will be more meaningful and inline with the NYS/EIP best practices.  I also feel a lot more grounded in the regulations vs. what might be communicated in the regulations to me from various providers and agencies.
Erica Calleia, Special Educator

This was an amazing training and I encourage all who are interested in conducting evaluations to take advantage of such a training that equips you with all you need to know about evaluations.
Simone Khamis, Evaluation Coordinator
Thera Care

Great and through presentation.  Would have liked to review a sample evaluation/assessment, and go over a written evaluation report.  The more exposure – the better the therapist and evaluator.  I look forward to emails from you!
Bianca Jonas, ABA Therapist/SEIT/SI

The trainings was very helpful for knowing EI information and regulations.
Wei Wei, Special Instructor
Happy Dragon

This course was given clearly & was very informative.  I liked that we have tools to fall back on & resources to call on for more information.
Shaindy Joselit, Special Educator
Williamsburg Infant & Early Childhood Developmental Center

As always, Rebecca Alva’s training was very informative.  I learned that there are 3 Classifications of feeding disorders (structural, neurodevelopmental disabilities or behavioral feeding disorders) which I am applying immediately in my practice.  Such an eye opener and a blessing for all the children under my care.
Pascale Hogarth, Special Educator
Netcare Inc.

This was extremely helpful.  I always hear bits and pieces of information about EI Regulations.  You put all the pieces together and I feel empowered to write better evaluations.
Fraidy Feldmaus, Special Educator

After attending Rebecca Alva’s very first training I implemented changes to my evals and Vicky Vanzetta, Eval Supervisor at Personal Touch Early Intervention Program, asked me if she could use my evaluation as a sample for other evaluators.  Rebecca’s information is valuable, accurate; she is the most valuable EI trainer for those who are serious about writing the best evals.
Pascal Hogarth, Educational/Developmental Evaluator
Personal Touch

Great to have all material handed out or e-mailed.  Very informative and great speaker very organized. Complete overview and discussion of topics presented.  Has given me a better way to look at the reports I write even in the classroom and has helped me to view my children in a more global/holistic way, not just in IEP form.
Maria Niemiec, Special Educator

Very informative on what to include in evaluations.  Terminologies were put into easy language terms.
Jeannette Rodriguez, Special Educator

I feel very confident that I will be able to include the necessary & required information in my report.  I did not know what was the exact information in my Clinical Opinion.
Sandra Cifuentes, Special Educator
All About Kids

This workshop was both interesting and informative.  Thank you for providing so much information in such an organized, interesting manner.
Michelle Luca, S.I.E.T., Bilingual Ed. Educator
Integrated Treatment Services

I thought the training was great & very helpful.  The materials & resources will be very useful in further evaluations I perform.  The materials and handouts were awesome & very helpful (e.g., information on Clinical Opinion and resources to assist in writing evaluations to determine Clinical Opinion).
Melissa Mazzocco, Special Educator

Ms. Alva is an excellent presenter.  All the information is very useful and will definitely help me write better educational evaluations.  I will use this information in my reports.  Currently I work with children 3-5 but plan to work with EI soon.  Great introduction on Public Health Law and Best Practices.
Maribel L. Claxton, Special Educator
ABCD, Inc.

It was very informative and it was nice to get paper copies of all the materials.  Rebecca was very knowledgeable and an engaging speaker.  I loved learning about the laws that are in place and I think that this will help me to be a better report/eval writer in general.
Maria Niemiec, Special Educator

Rebecca Alva is passionate about teaching appropriate procedures to conduct evaluations in early intervention because she is knowledgeable.  She acknowledges those who taught her.  She is persistent and consistent, and that’s how she got me here.  Her training is priceless.
Pascale Hogarth, Special Educator
Netcare Inc.

This has been the most relevant course I have ever taken during my 10 years in EI.  Thank you so much for the wonderful information and printouts.
Lerna M. Pitaluga, Special Educator
Up Wee Grow, Inc.

The amount of information provided as a resource is invaluable!  Very Informative.
Joyce Ruocco, Special Educator
Up Wee Grow, Inc.

It was very informative.
Luz A. Walpole, Special Educator
Up Wee Grow, Inc., Metro Children’s Services

Good presentation.  Excellent plan & presentation.
Sosy S. Gorelick, Special Educator

Excellent Presentation.  Answers and discussions were veered to realistic experiences that focused on concrete concerns and backed by documented sources.
Sosy S. Gorelick, Special Educator

Excellent review of laws and memorandum!  Very informative and extremely interesting.
Sarah E. O’Leary, Special Educator
St. Vincent’s Catholic Medical Center, Sunny Days

It was informative and gave me the confidence to be able to evaluate a child.
Renuka Das, Special Instructor
Hear Our Voices

This workshop was very helpful in every area of my work.  I consider myself more equipped to make an evaluation, due to all this literature (information) that I have received today.
Maria De Candia, Special Educator
UCS, Personal Touch

I thought it was great and very helpful!  It was a lot of information that will help me feel more prepared as an Evaluation Coordinator.  Great Presenter!
Nicole Geller, Special Instructor
Bank Street College

I found the handouts and open discussion to be very helpful and very organized.  As stated above I found this to be very informative & the comments from others in this group added to the knowledge offered from the course.
Ivy Bloom, Special Instructor
On Our Way

Rebecca, thank you so much for all the important and clear-concise information.  I think that I really learned a lot and since today my evaluations (reports) are going to be quite different – of course better I really would like to improve everyday in order to serve better the people who I work with.  I know this is the beginning of a long process of learning and improving.  Thank You again.
Elizabeth Arango-Velasco, Special Educator/Speech-Language Pathologist
Bilinguals Inc.

This workshop was very informative.
Jessy Samuel, Special Education Teacher
RCDS, Interactive Therapy Group

The workshop was excellent.  It clearly showed how to put together all the pieces of an evaluation together in a clear, concise and rock solid manner.  It went even further by showing you the law and the Clinical Practice Guidelines to help you even further in completing a rock solid, valid evaluation write up.
Aida Rivas, Special Educator

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