Speech-Language Pathologists

” I enjoyed this training because Rebecca was very specific and she cited and directed us to all of the important information we would need to write reports.  I feel that this knowledge will help me write thorough and effective reports once I begin doing evaluations.”
Lori Marinelli Jansson, Speech-Language Pathologist

“This workshop was unique because it was live and interactive.  Rebecca answered all of my questions.  She demonstrated her knowledge in understanding how Early Intervention works.  I see myself as a therapist and write about my observations at an evaluation. I learned that there is a lot more to know. You need to document evidence-based practice.  Look at the physical and adaptive domains in helping you to write a report.  I feel that I have more knowledge in EI jargon that can help me at meetings.  I appreciate all the information that Rebecca relayed to me.”
Lynn Smith, Speech-Language Pathologist
UCP Suffolk

” Along with the other training session, I found this session to be very informative & comprehensive.”
Francesca Gaglia, Speech-Language Pathologist

” Very Informative.  Putting together the feeding aspect with other areas of development will be a key in proving eligibility.”
Tarra Ruggerio, Speech-Language Pathologist

“I feel that I’m now capable of writing my Informed Clinical Opinion by using a preponderance of Evidence-Based Guidelines in the Clinical Practice Guidelines Motor Disorders Assessment and Intervention for Young Children (Ages 0-3 years).  Thank You Rebecca.”
Kima L. Johnson, Speech-Language Pathologist
NYC Department of Education

” I found your training very informative & comprehensive!  I know that this will help me transition back into EI tremendously.”
Francesca Gaglia, Speech-Language Pathologist

“I’m grateful that Rebecca has made the transition to give us this knowledge of Public Health Law!  I left Rebecca’s training with (a) an exuberant smile (b) understanding the discrepancies of using AE (age-equivalents) (c) use of professional clinical discretion of how to use tests that adjust for prematurity.  Overall an enlightening training experience.”
Kima L. Johnson, Speech-Language Pathologist
NYC Department of Education

“Useful tips, relevant, easy to apply.  It helps me understand how to use the Law (Public Health Law) to use CO (Clinical Opinion) in my everyday job.”
Rosalba Gaona, Speech-Language Pathologist

“You gave us the knowledge to be prepared and confident to “push back” in case we need to justify our report.”
Lori Marinelli Jansson, Speech-Language Pathologist

“Incredibly detailed and helpful workshop to get started in performing early intervention evaluations!  Truly an invaluable experience.  Thank you, Rebecca!”
Maryan Begg, Speech-Language Pathologist

“The training was informative and helpful.  I am confident that the material will make the evaluation process easier.  Knowing what must be in the evaluation was helpful.”
Yasmin Betances, Speech-Language Pathologist
Bronx Early Learning Center, Volunteers of America

“Excellent Materials.  Examples-real world, Through. EBP references.”
Margeaux Ulmer, Speech-Language Pathologist
Hand In Hand

“Excellent training to prepare therapists for thorough and complete feeding assessments for young children.”
AnnMarie Ross, Speech-Language Pathologist

“Ms. Alva made an overwhelming amount of material into a manner that was “doable”.”
Jill Feldman, Speech-Language Pathologist
Therapeutic Resources

“Rebecca culled and presented a wealth of information on how to perform and document feeding evaluations for Early Intervention.  She provided feedback on participants’ attempts to apply the information, enabling anyone who takes her training to write more effective reports.  Rebecca has a command of her subject and shares her knowledge clearly and personably.”
Linda Raskin Schwartz, Speech/Language Pathologist
YAI/NYL William O’Connor School

“Understanding the eligibility for feeding dysfunctions and seeing it as falling into the child’s physical and/or adaptive domains made it separate and clear than just seeing feeding as a sign and symptom, as eligibility criteria for services.  Also understanding the underlying factors of the possible feeding disorder is so important.”
Wilma Pastrana-Cardoso, Speech-Language Pathologist

“The Feeding Evaluation Workshop is invaluable.  Thank You very much for helping me understand and tie all the evaluating resources together. But more importantly you have shown me how to present the material in an EIO language and “friendly” format so that my assessment (formal & informal) does not go to waste.”
Hailin Tchou, Speech-Language Pathologist
YAI/NYL William O’Connor School

“Expand my knowledge base in performing adequate evaluations.  Valuable information that was provided to do evaluations and document report writing that is filled with important that will help the children and families in early intervention.”
Wilma Pastrana-Cardoso, Speech-Language Pathologist

“Very good.”
Hailin Tchou
YAI/NYL William O’Connor School

“The laws and regulations information helped a lot as I feel that I can show one of my agencies how “requiring a percentage” on a 6month or 12 month progress report is not necessary or not the law.”
Lisa Huoy-Jing Hsich, Speech Language Pathologist

“Very informative and much to absorb.  Although I am not an evaluator, taking this workshop is the right beginning.”
Sandra Corro-Moy, Speech-Language Pathologist

“The information is presented in a way that is understandable, informative and interesting.  I enjoy taking courses with Rebecca.  She is very detail oriented and knowledgeable.  I plan to take future courses when they are offered.”
Karen M. Mackin, Speech-Language Pathologist
Little Meadows Early Childhood

“Having attended this workshop provided me with confidence and empowered me to conduct high quality, Evidence Based Evaluations.”
Alexandra Ramos, Speech-Language Pathologist

“Excellent course.  I would love for my Agency to have this training.”
Myrwa Gonzalez, Speech-Language Pathologist
Bilinguals Inc./Achieve Beyond

“Thank you for being so helpful and informative.  You have provided me with the confidence I needed to better evaluate feeding in EI.”
Syeda R. Ali, Speech-Language Pathologist

“Excellent information regarding EI Standards for approving feeding therapy.  Lovely, captivating.  Thank You”
Lissa Sommer, Speech-Language Pathologist

“Great!  So helpful, will definitely apply.”
Jamie Lowengrub-Fucci, Speech-Language Pathologist

“Very informative training, very helpful handouts and policy information.”
Dolly Gutrierrez, Speech-Language Pathologist
Logopedia/Grow and Blossom

“Great, Informative workshop, as expected.”
Tania Woolcock, Speech-Language Pathologist
Bilinguals Inc./Achieve Beyond

“I liked the seminar and found it to be valuable.  I appreciated the translation of legal jargon into useful information.  I thought the delivery was well done.  I also liked all the resources.”
Lori Robinson, Speech-Language Pathologist
Therapeutic Resources

“Enjoyed the course and all of the information provided.  I enjoyed the small group trainings because it was more personal and individualized in terms of having questions answered and given information is lost in a large group.”
Dolly Gutierrez, Speech-Language Pathologist
Logopedia/Grow and Blossom

“Once again the workshop provided an extraordinary amount of information in a well-developed presentation.  The information was clear and inclusive.  The documentation was helpful and compelling.  Ms. Alva’s style is a strong component of the success of the workshop.  She respects her students and enjoys their participation.”
Halona W. Balgley, Speech Language Pathologist

“At the end of the course I finally feel comfortable to head out and complete evaluations.”
Kristina Nicosia, Speech Language Pathologist

“I now realize it’s not the EI Program that is preventing kids from getting services, but we as evaluators who aren’t justifying services that are needed.”
Eileen Connell, Speech Language Pathologist
Smile Center, Marathon, Functional Life

“The vast amount of information presented along with the organization of it within the presentation, was greatly appreciated.  The presentation was detailed, the visuals were helpful to highlight areas reviewed, and the flexibility in answering questions and elaborating upon details was commendable.  I would highly recommend this training course to others.”
Karen Saraydarian, Speech-Language Pathologist

“The feeding evaluation training was markedly helpful for future application within my practice.”
Karen Saraydarian, Speech-Language Pathologist

“I enjoyed the training because it helped me organize information and understand NYS Laws and expectations regarding conducting EI Evaluations.”
Lorilet Monegro, Speech-Language Pathologist

“I liked the feeding training in that it provided me with key information in an integrated manner.”
Lorilet Monegro, Speech-Language Pathologist

“The information was great, very informative and great presenter.  This workshop is a great eye opener to policies and the law and regulations that empower us as SLPs.”
Lady S. Villalona, Speech-Language Pathologist
All About Kids

“Excellent hands on current information to use immediately and validate us as competent professionals in our SLP field.”
Rosa Amador-Cortes, Speech Language Pathologist
Bilinguals Inc., Out East Therapy

“Great information and writing a summary report with critique from Rebecca was very helpful.  Excellent workshop.”
Shelia Flaxman, Audiologist, Speech-Language Pathologist
New York Audiology Center

“It’s great to have all the information needed in one place to refer to in formulating my Informed clinical opinion.  I learned to relate back to the EI domains.”
Avigail David, Speech-Language Pathologist
Lexington Hearing and Speech Center

“It was a good summary of the supporting evidence.  I can use on my evaluation reports and how to integrate the information from different sources.”
Yelena Berezenko, Speech-Language Pathologist

“It was clear & straightforward and I was already familiar with the early material.  The research articles were most helpful.”
Avigail David, Speech-Language Pathologist
Lexington Hearing and Speech Center

“Attending Rebecca’s workshops have really helped me in organizing all my resources into efficient and acceptable evaluations.”
Jessica Colon, Speech-Language Pathologist
Little Sisters of the Assumption

“Same as before!  Thanks for giving me the key to a better evaluation!”
Ana Santos, Bilingual Speech-Language Pathologist

“Graduate school gave me the theory; my working years gave me the practice.  Today, this course gave me the tools to work more efficiently and better serve my children and their families.  Thank You!”
Ana Santos, Bilingual Speech-Language Pathologist

“Highly Informative, empowering and comprehensive.  Most importantly helpful.”
Angela Rivera, Speech-Language Pathologist
Northside Children’s Center For Development

“I really enjoyed learning how to use laws to make my reports sound better.  I learned about all of the information that I didn’t know to include in a report.”
Linda Miller, Speech-Language Pathologist
EBS Healthcare

“Rebecca Alva did a wonderful seminar that gave helpful examples.  Rebecca gave good exchange between attendees and herself.  I am very pleased with the knowledge I learned. Thank you so much.”
Shelia Flaxman, Audiologist, Speech-Language Pathologist
New York Audiology Center

“Excellent course with very clear Evidence Based Assessment and an overall rounding of information.”
Rosario Loaiza, Speech-Language Pathologist
Small Wonders Pre-school

“To have the information of the law & regulations in black & white will help me to have a backup to “fight” for what is right to do.”
Christina Okada, Speech-Language Pathologist
Bilinguals Inc.

“Great practical information and tools, tools, tools to qualify children effectively and efficiently who need services and may in the past have been hard to qualify.  A truly valid workshop.”
Carol Nelson, Speech-Language Pathologist
Elizabeth Seaton Pediatric Center (Dominican Sisters), Metro Therapy Inc.

“To have the big picture in black & white about the evaluations helps me to clarify the easiest & effective way to do them.”
Christina Okada, Speech-Language Pathologist
Bilinguals Inc.

“I am really happy to have an overview of how EI works.  Especially about how to do an appropriate evaluation.”
Ana L. Torrecilla, Speech-Language Pathologist

“Wonderful as usual!  Always good insight to making my reports better and learning from others’ & different domains (global).”
Karima Ali, Speech-Language Pathologist
Bilinguals, PS 152

“Thank you – thank you so much for this information!  As a (Mentee/Mentor Relationship) SLP it arms me whenever I encounter a problem.”
Silvia Melendez-Briskie, Speech-Language Pathologist

“Great course, very informative.  Ms. Alva provides you with excellent references, useful handouts/Charts and articles.  This course allows you to expand your knowledge in the area of feeding.”
Joelia Desiree Castillo, Speech-Language Pathologist
Stillo Speech-Language Services PC

“Great handouts & charts.  Very informative & will be able to use charts for Feeding Evaluation.”
Isabelita Negron, Speech-Language Pathologist
Bilinguals Inc., Early Success, Important Steps

“Rebecca you are an exceptional instructor!  Loved the workshop!  Thank you for your continuous mentorship.”
Silvia Melendez-Briskie, Speech Language Pathologist

“Thank You!  Nobody ever gives you this info & I am grateful that you are.”
Robin Sue Kahn, Speech-Language Pathologist
Bilinguals Inc.

“I liked the hands-on experience.”
Glory Chang, Speech-Language Pathologist
Dynamic Therapy, HTA of NY, Therapeutic Resources

“Very nice presentation.  I learned that the 5 domains are related and Oral motor skills –feed and Adaptive domains are interrelated.  Thanks for all the handouts.”
Carmen Almonte, Speech-Language Pathologist

“By going to Rebecca’s training you are able to get an inside view of what is needed to produce a more efficient report.  Rebecca gives us the information to empower us in making reports to best fit the needs of the child and support the parents.  It helps us back up what we need to formulate a clinical opinion.”
Karima Ali, Speech-Language Pathologist
Bilinguals Inc., NYC DOE

“Rebecca, you are excellent.  I give you an A (3x).  You are very knowledgeable in Early Intervention Law, guidance & clinical points.  If I decide to go back & work in EI, my evaluation reports are going to be completely different.  Thank you so much for everything.”
Carmen Almonte, Speech-Language Pathologist

“This course made me more confident about the EI Program and how to use the information within my practice.”
Guillermina Diana Ore-Velazco, Speech-Language Pathologist

“Great workshop, very useful information.  I would love to join another workshop with this presenter.”
Rosa E. Mannozzi, Speech-Language Pathologist
Kennedy Child Study Center

“I feel I do have all the tools I need to conduct my evaluations and mostly “write an accurate report” giving the ones reading it an accurate “hologram” picture with the “evidence-based practice” needed to give that child what he really needs.”
Joanna C. Yacono, Speech-Language Pathologist

“Very informative workshop which clearly spelled out the diagnostic conditions and how they affect eligibility.  The workshop included a helpful exercise in how to incorporate this information in evaluation reports.”
Elizabeth Schwartz, Speech-Language Pathologist
Bilinguals Inc.

“Liked working with a partner and then discussing the information with the group and getting their perspective.”
Christine Miguelez, Speech-Language Pathologist

“This was an extremely informative course with exceptional detailed information for writing an evaluation.  Great Course!”
Terri Afromowitz, Speech-Language Pathologist

“Rebecca is passionate about providing information to evaluators that is comprehensive and manageable.  She comes with a “Mary Poppins-esque” bag of handouts so you will go home ready to conquer your next eval.”
Jocelyn M. Wood, Speech-Language Pathologist
Jumpstart, Women’s League

“Your scope of knowledge is extraordinary.  You gave us innumerable skills by giving us that knowledge.  You have the best handouts of any presenter in my 26 years of workshop going.”
Halona W. Balgley, Speech-Language Pathologist
Functional Life

“This workshop was very informative and useful.  The handouts were very helpful.”
Juliet Agadi, Speech-Language Pathologist
Little Wonders

“Gives broader possibilities in report writing, increasing child’s chances to receive services.”
Claire Gordon, Speech-Language Pathologist

“You’re pleasant and have great enthusiasm/passion for what you do.  I feel more empowered to do my job.  Definite confidence booster!”
Carol Nelson, Speech-Language Pathologist
Elizabeth Seaton Pediatric Center, Merto-Therapy Inc.

“This was an information rich, useful and practical course.  I always knew that I needed additional “backup” to add to my reports but didn’t know where to find it all.”
Reva Gorin, Speech-Language Pathologist

“Very Informative.  Well-articulated presentation.  Provided “top down” view of doing evaluations.”
Glory Chang, Speech-Language Pathologist
HTA of New York

“This was a great experience – I feel like I have more power as a clinician.”
Jacqueline Morisco, Speech-Language Pathologist
Lifestart, University Settlement

“Very Informative.  Love the developmental milestones charts.  I feel very informed knowing all about Public Law.”
Christine Miguelez, Speech-Language Pathologist

“Really great conference – empowering to the EI evaluators who face so many challenges in changes to the regulations.”
Elizabeth Schwartz, Speech-Language Pathologist
Bilinguals Inc.

“Excellent course provided clear cut information as to what NEEDS to be included in an EI evaluation.  Instructor was extremely knowledgeable.”
Lisa Lavarone, Speech-Language Pathologist
LI School District

“Very Enlightening!  Gave me a much better perspective on documenting information in my reports and applying multiple sources of information to justify a child’s strengths, needs and delays.”
Barbara M. Deeb, Speech-Language Pathologist
Therapy & Learning Center

“Very informative, useful information.”
Madelyn Ratkus, Speech-Language Pathologist
The Therapy Center For Children

“The course was very helpful in learning how to properly perform and write a complete Early Intervention Evaluation.”
Erika Witt, Speech-Language Pathologist
Little Meadows Childhood Center

“This course will really be helpful to me as I write my evals.  Now I know exactly what the Evaluation Standards Unit wants as far as Informed Clinical Opinion…”
Jennifer Sitler Redpath, Speech-Language Pathologist
On Our Way Learning Center

“Rebecca Alva tailored this course to the immediate needs of Early Intervention Evaluators.  This information is going to be so helpful when writing and performing evaluators.  Many of the resources provided will help raise the quality of EI evaluations that are performed.”
Karen M. Mackin, Speech-Language Pathologist
Little Meadows Early Childhood Center

“This is a course that complements the 1st on about EI policy and regulations.  However, it is worth it by itself as we were provided with specific material, sources and resources related to Diagnosis and Probability of Developmental Delay in EI.  Thank you Rebecca”
Patricia Benenati, Speech-Language Pathologist
Bilinguals Inc.

“Thank You!!”
Akiko Fuse, Speech-Language Pathologist
Functional Life Achievement

“Great Way of Learning!  Doing & understanding!”
Claudia Suero, Speech-Language Pathologist
Allied MedixResources Inc.

Yangping Xie, Speech-Language Pathologist
Metro Therapy

“It was a good Presentation.”
Jagadish Andiyappa, Speech-Language Pathologist
Bilinguals Inc.

“I really enjoyed the information shared in the workshop.  I liked the progression that I did of my knowledge of Evals during the workshop.  I found the material to be really helpful.”
Joanna Yacono, Speech-Language Pathologist
AHRC (Astoria  Blue Feather Headstart)

“This is one the “must do” workshops.  It was very inspirational to me.  We got specific information about EI regulations and Rebecca guided us to put “all the pieces together” as she says when talking about evaluations.”
Patricia Benenati, Speech-Language Pathologist
Bilinguals Inc.

“Thank You!  I am now confident in my abilities to be a superb EI evaluator!  I have all the tools needed and the knowledge to back up my informed clinical opinion!”
Nicole Perrotto, Speech-Language Pathologist
Theracare Inc.

“I really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere during all group instruction.  I felt comfortable to ask questions, respond to questions and provide my own opinion.  I definitely feel armed with a wealth of information to provide EI evaluations.  Thank You!”
Marissa Burke-Nieves, Speech-Language Pathologist
Department Of Education

“Everything was wonderful.  Very Informative.”
Alison Ward, Speech-Language Pathologist
Department Of Education

“This workshop should be a requirement for all providers doing evals.”
Adalicia Melendez, Speech-Language Pathologist
All About Kids

“Wow!  I am truly an informed clinician; ready to follow through with the massive information provided.  Rebecca, you are great!  Thank You!”
Marisol Rosario, Speech-Language Pathologist

“The examples that you provided were very helpful.  I feel like I have been “armed” with all the necessary material to write my evaluation reports.  Thank you so much!”
Andrea Forero, Speech-Language Pathologist
All About Kids, Jackson Children’s Services

“I enjoyed learning about all the “ins” and “outs” of writing an evaluation.  The class was interesting and informative.”
Virginia Beaulac, Speech-Language Pathologist
Marathon, Up Wee Grow, Inc.

“Excellent, Excellent Workshop.  I knew a lot, but now I know even MORE.  Thank You!!”
Tania Woolcock, Speech-Language Pathologist
Bilinguals Inc.

“Excellent presentation!  Wonderfully presented information that made me feel more confident to start performing speech evaluations.”
Ourania Argyros, Speech-Language Pathologist
Bilinguals Inc, Cooper Kids

“Very informative.  Useful overview.  Great handouts.”
Marlene A. Holas, Speech-Language Pathologist
HTA of New York

“Thank you for the handouts and the summary of the memorandums/developmental chart.”
Akiko Fuse, Speech-Language Pathologist
Functional Life

“Enjoyed learning about all the diagnosed conditions.  Very informative and useful.  Presenter is very knowledgeable.”
Viviane Fata, Speech-Language Pathologist
RCDS, Theracare

“It was very helpful and informative.  I enjoyed exchanging ideas during the group discussion.  It was helpful to clarify ideas and hear from other evaluators who face similar difficulties while performing evaluations.”
Linda Cadavid, Speech-Language Pathologist
Northside Center For Child Development

“I really enjoyed the collaborative manner of learning.  Everyone participated and provided input.”
Isabelita Negron, Speech-Language Pathologist
Bilinguals Inc, Theracare, Up Wee Grow, Inc.

“Thank you for the workshop today, for all the materials and for all the time and effort that you clearly put into your work.  It made for a great learning experience. You are the only one doing this, which so many people need!   And you are excellent!”
Claudia Quijano, Clinical Fellow/Speech-Language Pathologist
Metro Children’s Services

“This training truly was a training like no other.  We were provided with tons of functional information that I intend to use ASAP!  I now am more clear on the regulations put forth by Early Intervention Department of Health.”
Alisha Price, Speech-Language Pathologist
All About Kids

“Great.  I enjoyed the overall seminar as it was extremely informative – from handouts, to visual aids.”
Goldy V Friedman, Speech-Language Pathologist
On Our Way Learning Center

“Wonderful Conference.  Tons of information with a lot of handouts to allow for carryover of all that we learned to be put into the evaluation.”
Tova Knobel, Speech-Language Pathologist
On Our Way Learning Center

“Very Good.”
Effie Rallakis, Speech-Language Pathologist
Cooper Kids

“I’m learning this workshop knowing everything I need to include in an evaluation report that will help children that need to services obtain the services needed.”
Nancy Colón, Speech-Language Pathologist
Bilinguals, Inc.

“Very Informative & through.”
Claudia Suero, Speech-Language Pathologist
Allied Medix Resources Inc., Bilinguals, Inc.

“Ms. Alva provided us with a wealth of information that will enable us to perform/write more concise evaluation reports.”
Rachel Paras, Speech-Language Pathologist
Jumpstart, Metro Children’s Services

“It was very informative and helpful to me since I have not done evaluations yet and was not familiar with the law.”
Christina Nitsa, Speech-Language Pathologist
Cooper Kids Inc.

“Excellent, informative session.  Lots of valuable information.  Would be beneficial for the agencies to provide as an in-service.”
Viviane Fata, Speech-Language Pathologist
RCDS, Theracare

“It was a very well thought out and organized presentation.  The information was presented in an interesting & simplified manner & took away some of the anxiety I have when reading legal guidelines.”
Rachel Dror, Speech-Language Pathologist

“Informative, clear, concise, relatable.”
Jessica Kessler, Speech-Language Pathologist
Early Sprouts, Theracare

“Amazing!  This workshop was very helpful & informative.  I received a lot of documents that will help me when writing evaluations.  The information received will also help me to evaluate myself in how I approach evaluations.  I learned a lot regarding the laws and regulations that determine eligibility for Early Intervention.  I am now able to provide support for any recommendations I make in future evaluations.”
Jeanel Burgess-Belfon, Speech-Language Pathologist
RCDS, Therapeutic Resources

“I truly enjoyed and received the information I came and hoped to receive.  Thank You!”
Eileen Ann Schubach, Speech-Language Pathologist
Jackson Developmental Center

“Extremely Informative!  Great handouts to be able to refer back to.  Excellent speaker, very knowledgeable of topic.”
Caroline Murphy, Speech-Language Pathologist
All About Kids

“The material was provided in a very organized manner; easy to digest information/material.  The handouts and variety of material provided allows you to feel more equipped as well as empowered to face today’s challenges when conducting evaluations.  Excellent training!”
Alexandra Ramos, Speech-Language Pathologist

“I really enjoyed the workshop.  I learned a lot about the new evaluation requirements.  I now feel capable of performing evaluations!!”
Luz A. Mejia-Plata, Speech-Language Pathologist
Allied Medix Resources Inc.

“This was a wonderful informative workshop.  I will use this information for my evaluations from now on.”
Eileen Marino, Speech-Language Pathologist
Ability Builders, RCDS

“Great presentation, a lot of information, very relevant.”
Olga H. Rodriguez, Speech-Language Pathologist

“The presenter provided each and every clinician with materials/resources that can be used when writing an evaluation.”
Jeannette Rodriguez, Speech-Language Pathologist
Up Wee Grow, Inc.

“Although a vast amount of information was provided regarding Standards & Procedures for evaluations, which I am not sure I will retain it all, I’m taking an invaluable resource to remind me & educate me.”
Isabilita Negron, Speech-Language Pathologist
Up Wee Grow, Inc.

“Excellent exposition.  It helped me a lot.”
Telby Cerpa Amado, Speech-Language Pathologist
Bilinguals Inc.

“It was a good workshop and TONS of information.  VERY GOOD!”
Maria Aracelli Lopez-Lavalle, Speech-Language Pathologist
Positive Beginnings Pre-school

“Everything was very interesting and my feeling is I really need to know and be more informed about this topic.  I would like to attend to another course like this.”
Betty C. Contreras, Speech-Language Pathologist
Positive Beginnings Pre-school, Bilinguals Inc.

“I enjoyed all the information provided today I’m sure I’ll be busy reading and changing my EI reports.”
Maria Reyes-Park, Speech-Language Pathologist
Up Wee Grow, Inc.

“All the information provided was great!  Overall you are a great speaker holding lots of valuable knowledge.”
Laurie Hernandez, Speech Language Pathologist
Positive Beginnings Pre-school

“Materials and hand-outs were very helpful.  Overall presentation was informative.”
Dominique Battiste, Speech-Language Pathologist
Up Wee Grow, Inc.

“Helped clarify more of what is important to include in our evaluations.”
Amy Parache, Speech-Language Pathologist
Up Wee Grow, Inc.

“Excellent materials and binders.”
Rhonda Israel, Speech-Language Pathologist

“The handouts, group discussions and good source of information.  Good opportunities for discussion and multiple use of examples.”
Magales Morales-Guzman, Speech-Language Pathologist
Up Wee Grow, Inc.

“I enjoyed the course very much & am glad I took part to have a better understanding of the information presented today.  I think taking both courses allows us clinicians to put all the pieces together when writing our evaluations.”
Joelia Castillo, Speech-Language Pathologist
Theracare, Allied Medix Resources Inc.

“Excellent material, hand-outs; discussion was appropriate to topic.  Good source of information and opportunities for discussion and multiple use of examples.”
Magalis Morales-Guzman, Speech-Language Pathologist
Up Wee Grow, Inc.

“The documentation was relevant and up to date.  Informative and organized – list of Diagnosed Conditions.”
Zoya Tsirulnikov, Speech-Language Pathologist

“Provided updated information for use in writing summary information & recommendations.”
Robin Khan, Speech-Language Pathologist
Bilinguals, Inc.

“Good Seminar.”
Monika Rosie, Speech-Language Pathologist

“Excellent.  Provided the information necessary to write a detailed evaluation to help the child get the services he needs.”
Ivette Lopez, Speech-Language Pathologist

“I feel like I learned a great deal of new information that I can use and which will guide and support my evaluation writing process.”
Zoya Tsirulnikov, Speech-Language Pathologist

“Good seminar.  Would recommend it!”
Monika Rosie, Speech-Language Pathologist

“Course overall was very informative.  I can honestly say that I learned a lot & still have a lot more to read at home with the handouts provided in class.”
Joelia Castillo, Speech-Language Pathologist

“Excellent Presentation.  You provided detail and important information that we need for our evaluations.  Excellent handouts.”
Ivette Lopez, Speech-Language Pathologist

“It was a very informative and interactive workshop that cleared many interrogates as well as it was fun.  Rebecca was very receptive to questions and comments and this made it an enjoyable learning experience.”
Linda Cadavid, Speech-Language Pathologist
Cadavid Speech Therapy P.C.

“Knowledge is power.  You have provided info about how and where to use and obtain knowledge to provide strong reports.”

Valerie Mason, Speech-Language Pathologists
Cooper Kids, Rehab Care Professionals

“I found this training extremely informative.  I appreciate the tools you have provided us with in order to produce more effective and substantial EI evaluations.”
Stacey Turner, Speech-Language Pathologist
Sunny Days, South Shore Speech Pathology

“I thought the training was very informative & gave me new insight to providing EI evals and composing my evaluations.”

Nicole Scire, Speech-Language Pathologist
South Shore Speech Pathology

“This course gave me a lot of knowledge about evaluations.  I understand how the EI Program works – from screenings to evaluations.”
Milagros Puelles, Speech-Language Pathologist
Bilinguals Inc.

“Very Informative & useful.”
Lori M. Newman, Speech-Language Pathologist

“This was a very comprehensive and valuable collection of materials and presentation.  I will use this information in my own practice as a tool to empower families and therapists to facilitate provision of valuable services to the qualified children we serve.”
Katerina Theodoracopoulos, Speech-Language Pathologist
South Shore Speech Pathology

“Great Job!”
Babita Khemia, Speech-Language Pathologist
Little Wonders Inc., Cooper Kids Therapy Assoc.

“Very Informative, clear presentation.”
Jamie Panepinto, Speech-Language Pathologist

“Conference provided valuable resources for clinician’s to refer to when evaluating children and determining eligibility for services.  Cleared up a lot of “ambiguous” areas (i.e. criteria for eligibility, diagnoses etc).”
Jeanne Haley, Speech-Language Pathologist
Gingerbread Learning Center

“Rebecca presented an organized presentation on performing evaluations in Early Intervention.  She demonstrated thorough knowledge of the subject matter.”
Denise Hallett, Speech-Language Pathologist
Gingerbread Learning Center

“I found this training to be very helpful.  I have developed a better understanding of the rules and regulations under Early Intervention and am more aware of the different clinical clues that can and should be added to reports.”
Carmella Barbiera, Clinical Fellow – Speech-Language Pathologist

“I love the passion you have for making changes in the system.  I learned a lot and gained many wonderful tools to use when I begin writing my evaluations.  Thanks again for letting me share my story as well.  It was very much worth it!”
Karima Ali, Speech-Language Pathologist
PS 152, Bilinguals Inc.

“I want to thank you for all the information and knowledge that I got today.  I really think that from now on I’m going to be doing more complete, accurate and appropriate evaluations.  I feel that I should have attended a training like this years ago!”
Andrea Gallo, Speech-Language Pathologist
Bilinguals Inc.

“Rebecca, thank you so much for all the important and clear-concise information.  I think that I really learned a lot and since today my evaluations (reports) are going to be quite different – of course better I really would like to improve every day in order to serve better the people who I work with.  I know this is the beginning of a long process of learning and improving.  Thank You again.”
Elizabeth Arango-Velasco, Speech-Language Pathologist/Special Educator
Bilinguals Inc.

“Excellent & informative seminar that has empowered me to become a better evaluator, writer, and clinician!”
Carol Espinoza, Speech-Language Pathologist
Jackson Children’s Services.

“The workshop helped me to use other sources than just sources from what I received from my agency (e.g., Motor disorders from E.I. ant the charts on Speech-Language Development).  Over all, I really learned al lot and I will include this information in my evaluations.  Thank You!”
Terry T. Seymore-Collins, Speech-Language Pathologist,
Sunny Days

“The specific handouts and information to cite are extremely helpful!  You provided an extremely comfortable environment to learn in – Thank you!”
Lisa Quinones, Speech-Language Pathologist
Sunny Days

“I enjoyed  having a more in-depth learning experience about doing EI evals; developing a better understanding of the Public Health Law, and also learning how to more effectively write a report which better documents a child’s development, i.e. strengths, weaknesses.”
Barbra M. Deeb, Speech-Language Pathologist
Sunny Days

“I found the information that has been hidden in the EI booklets because of your course.  The setting was comfortable and relaxed and highly conducive to learning.  The lack of many overheads was great, I hate having to read along & copy things that are on overheads.  Thanks a million!”
Allison Coughlan, Speech-Language Pathologist
Sunny Days

“I liked the class & thought it was very informative – Thank you very much.”
Alice Johnson, Speech-Language Pathologist
Rehab Care Professionals


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